Secretary/Treasurer - David Copley

Public Relations - Lee Budar-Danoff

Webmaster - Daniel Sheer

2018 Roster




Commodore - Marcel Klik

Vice-Commodore - 

Race Committee - David Marcic

Our Membership

Currently there are approximately 15 boats in the Fleet. There's always room for one more!!

Cook Outs on the Deck!

Meet The RCRA Fleet

Who is RCRA?

RCRA is a welcoming group of cruising sailors that love to race on Wednesday evenings. We usually cast off at around 1730 and finish in a couple of hours.

Some of our Captains are seasoned racers, well known around the bay,  Others are weekend warriors that come out on Wednesdays to experience the thrill of sail racing.

Our crew members are from all walks of life but we all share one thing in common.....We have learned how to celebrate HUMP DAY!

join us after most races for an enjoyable cookout on the deck of Oak Harbor Marina


Oak Harbor Marina is a proud sponsor of RCRA and allows us to use their facilities and grills to host an after the race gathering.  Usually, one boat is assign a turn providing food for the rest of the fleet.  Usually Burgers and Dogs, Beer and Soda.

We talk about the race, laugh at the on the course antics and get to know each other.

We Look Forward to

We Look Forward to Wednesdays!

Rock Creek Racing Association  (RCRA)